Unbiased market information is one of the best tools to assess the readiness of a market for you and your products before you leap. We do it for you, so you spend your precious time on what you know how to do the best, and you get objective information on where to decide.

The science of the promotion of technical and engineered materials requires a very particular mindset, specific skills, and a deep understanding of how customers and designers make decisions. The consequences of certain choices imply big risks and professional responsibility, and the time they have to examine the available information is very limited. We work with you to curate the message of your value proposition, with the techniques and best practices learned during our first-hand experience.

Marketing of Technical Materials

Marketing Strategy

Having the right message is just the first step of your quest. Defining your target audience and outreach techniques are essential exercises too. Get an accurate idea of which customers or sectors have more probability of success and how to execute the marketing planning according to your short, medium, and long-term goals.

We know you are trying, but you can’t be in two places at the same time… yet.

In the meantime, we are here to help.

You conclude that participating in a specific show would be a clear advantage for developing your brand, and later you realize that you can not assist with a personal or professional conflict of schedule.

Sending someone of your trust seasoned and heavily experienced to represent your brand, network, and finding new prospects is now possible with our trade show assistance program.

Trade Show Assistance

New Product Launch

You made it happen. After tons of hours on R & D, tough decisions made, and probably too many meetings were held.

Coordination of different teams is not an easy task. However, the right intensity, emotion, and marketing techniques are needed to make your product share love.

New entries are delicate, and most of the time, you only get one shot to make it right.

Probabilities of success drastically increase with a previous investigation of your market preferences, a careful MVP design, customer experience metrics, and the best assimilation strategy.

The value of your proposition is the value you add to your customer’s experience.

Assumptions about doing things are inevitable, but their information is minimal. The old “What can’t be measured, can’t be managed” is a reality. Getting feedback from your busy customers can be daunting. Externalizing the task with us can promptly get you the right metrics and relevant results.

Customer Experience

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