Research and Execution of International Development unlocks a huge amount of potential. Our customers traditionally belong to one of the following categories:
  • Small successful local companies, looking to explore other territories but with limited time or training in international business.
  • Companies that are already exporting organically but the aim is not structured or strategized.
  • Companies for whom international markets are a substantial part of their revenue but some territories are resistant and require a specific skill.

New Market Entrance

Entering new territories requires information about market volume, fiscal system,  socioeconomics,  customer preferences, talent acquisition, logistics,  etc. Get a comprehensive study and execution plan for your new market entrance. 

Find international distribution channels and strategic partners to conquer new markets with the assistance of our experienced sales and marketing team in global distribution.


International Talent Acquisition

For the hardest challenges, the “Who” comes first, then the “What”. To find that person at a long distance in another country is now easier than ever, but still requires the right network, knowledge of the language and local culture, as well as talent selection expertise.

Reaching your international audience is not just about language translation but about cultural perception. Words, colors, information, format… all that play an essential role in how the public perceives your company and products. We can assist in determining the best way to abord a market territory or segment and adapt your communication to that particular public without losing your vision.

Local Marketing Adaptation

Procurement of Technical Products

How do you differentiate products when they all look the same? How do you find advanced materials among the masses? We look for your new sources, filter the options, get hands-on data, and select the most valuable one for your strategy. We coordinate the logistics and delivery time expectations. All while working for you as an external purchaser and on-demand.

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