Now more than ever, How and Why matter as much as What we do.

Companies are human organizations with tremendous power and responsibility.

Not only are companies expected to be economically viable, but also to listen and share their success with their stakeholders.

In the past, stakeholders were owners and employees; nowadays, customers, suppliers: communities, investors, media, trade unions, or government agencies are within this circle.

 Customers base their decisions on their supplier philosophy and values. And even financial institutions take into consideration best governmental practices as a metric to analyze creditworthiness. Quality talent is attracted to organizations with inclusive policies and respect for the personal sphere of the employee.

To strategize about your Environment, Social, and Governance practices means to move towards a positive impact and a way to contribute to society while being regarded as a forward-thinking leader.


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The assessment of environmental risks and opportunities in daily operations should be integrated into the entire company’s objectives. Positive impact can be directed towards  goals related to clean water and sanitation, clean energy, protection to the planet,  life below the water and on the land, or sustainable cities and communities.

Positive Social impact includes contributions generated towards good health and well-being, eradicating hunger and poverty. Creating a culture where quality education and gender equality are essential, promoting decent work and economic growth.

Gender Identity Concept With Composite Image Made From Halved Male And Female Facial Features



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Ethical management values are related to the transparency and independence of decision-making, management of conflicts of interest,  accountability, communication,  complaint management, and gender/racial equality.

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